Proposed Car Parking Fee Increases

The University management have released their latest proposed increases to the car parking fees (see table below).charges table

As you can see their intention is to link the fees to the emissions data for your car which could prove to be far more difficult that they expect especially for cars built before 2001. The overall effect of these proposed changes would be that 90% of the staff and students who use the car park will be charged between £90 and £120 with only a very small minority going down to £60. In effect most will see an increase. The University has a deficit of £5000 in the car parking budget and is looking to staff and students to pay more to cover this.

The proposed charges which are based on environmental grounds once again take no account of non staff/student vehicles coming onto campus so in effect we will still be subsidising the car park for the use of the general public.

The car parking scheme was designed to tackle the issue of illegal parking on campus and in this respect it has clearly failed and we believe the new proposals will again fail to solve this problem.

3 thoughts on “Proposed Car Parking Fee Increases

  1. George
    Will night shift still be exempt from this new charges?

    Night concierege Murray Hall.

  2. “Will night shift still be exempt from this new charges?”
    As per the current regulations section 7(d) those working outside the controlled hours will receive a permit free of charge.

  3. The government already tax cars depending on their vehicle emissions with higher taxes for the higher emissions. Why should drivers of larger engined cars be punished again by the university. Is this just not yet another excuse by the university to generate income under the cloak of ‘environmental issues’?

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