Joint union statement on national pay bargaining 28th Feb-08

The HE unions GMB, UNISON and UNITE are disappointed that UCU is not able to sign up to the new national bargaining structures.In the summer of 2007 we were able to agree a common position on new national bargaining arrangements with the employers’ organisation UCEA. We subsequently brokered further changes to accommodate outstanding concerns by UCU during the autumn of 2007, which they accepted as the best that can be achieved by negotiations.A single negotiating table with all unions pulling together offers the best chance of securing first class pay and an equality proofed outcome for all staff in higher education. To do anything else is to seek to perpetuate old fashioned elitism in a sector where we need to modernise and look forward.

We believe it is now in the best interests of HE staff to proceed with the process of renewing national bargaining arrangements and will be writing to the employers asking them to sign up to the new agreement. The danger of not doing so is further drift that will allow some employers to use it as an excuse to move away from national agreements. We will leave the door open for UCU to join with us at the single table when they are ready.

We believe the employers when they say that they see no scope for further negotiations – neither do we. However to protect our members position we will make it clear that any further discussions must involve us.

  • Rehana Azam GMB
  • Jon Richards UNISON
  • Chris Kaufman/Mike Robinson UNITE

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