Unite UCEA lobby Woburn House Tavistock Sq London

Unite HE reps attended a demonstration on the low pay offer for 2011 outside the UCEA offices in London on Wed 8th Feb

  • UCEA  offered 0.5% in 2009, 0.4% in 2010 and 0.5% in 2011 a total of 1.4%
  • The inflation rate over the same period was over 12.6%.
  • Salaries depreciated in real terms by over 11% to 2011.

In many Universities pay increases were far higher for those above the 51 point pay spine. Some were well over 10% and in some institutions above 15%. This spike in above pay spine staff has not gone unnoticed. The Times Higher has carried out research into Vice Chancellor and senior staffs pay over a similar period 2009 – 2011, this has shown a higher rate of increase.

As the Telegraph reported in 2010, the increase in salaries for a selection of VC’s were as example, Wendy Purcell, Plymouth – 20% (£283,504) Chris Jenks, Brunel – 18% (£280,000) Andrew Hamilton, Oxford – 17% (£382,000) Shirley Pearce, Loughborough – 15% (£275,365) Noel Lloyd, Aberystwyth – 13% (£208,000).

Clearly we are not all in this together.

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