Labour Research Dept: Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet No 1:

  • New workplace-related benefit levels announced
  • Employees unhappy over pay Public sector pensions
  • Government u-turns on tax relief for taxis Employment restrictions extended
  • Private sector pensions Attack on health and safety challenged

Fact Sheet No 2:

  • Unpaid overtime
  • Action pledged by PM on pay? Balance of payments
  • End of an era with Shell pension closure PFI — more to do over cost concerns
  • Skill shortages only part of the problem Regional pay

Fact Sheet No3:

  • Shameful map of poverty in the UK Inflation on downward path for 2012?
  • What’s in store for the economy in 2012? Average earnings growth down again
  • Unemployment in UK rises ever higher
  • Unemployment continued

Fact Sheet No 4:

  • Union reps add value to British economy
  • No movement in pay settlements end 2011Fudge on executive pay
  • Disgrace as blacklisted worker loses case Work programme slated
  • Bad news for economy Benefit cap based on myths, says campaign

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