Unite accept 2010 pay offer

The Unite National Education Industry Committee (NEIC) met on the 12th January 2011 to consider the outcome of the negotiations and the offer letter of the 16th January. In a full debate the inadequacies of the offer was considered but also the potential improvements especially the training, development and apprentice issues and forum.

The NEIC also recognised that many members were concerned about their own future and to progress the issue to a dispute including the possibility of strike was not high in members minds at this stage. The NEIC remained deeply unhappy about the financial aspects of the offer and agreed UCEA should be advised in no uncertain terms of that deep dissatisfaction. However on the main point on whether to accept or reject the offer and move to a strike ballot the NEIC voted 17 votes to 3 to accept the offer and draw a line under 2010 in the wish to reopen talks on the same issues in 2011.

Read the full letter from Mike Robinson

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