September RPI 5% = October Pay Rise of 5%

The final part of the 2006 pay agreement for October is 2.5% or the September RPI, whichever is the higher. The September RPI figure has just been released by the National Statistics Office and is 5%.

At a meeting with senior officers of UCEA  in July it was reiterated that all unions expect Higher Education Institutions to adhere to the pay agreement and not to try and avoid the uplift in October. UCEA confirmed that they expect their subscribers to adhere to the formula as well.

The University Court agreed a defecit budget of £2.4 M in June 08 and will meet again on 20th October to consider the October pay rise. Unite expects the University Court to honour the agreement and implement the pay rise in the November payroll, back dated to 1st October.

Read the UCEA press release.

Update: The Court meeting of 20th Oct approved the 5% October pay rise which will be implemented in the November payroll and backdated to 1st October.

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