We are on a crusade to stop the dreadful closures of Remploy factories. We are determined to bring work into the Remploy factory sites and let the whole of the UK know what we are doing.

The coach will start in Aberdeen on the 28th August 2007 travelling through Scotland, England and Wales and calling at all Remploy factory sites that are earmarked for closure. Where possible we will also be calling at as many factory sites as possible.

The crusade will be managed by the GMB on behalf of the other unions: Unite and Community. The General Secretary, Paul Kenny has given 100% backing and is calling on the whole of the Trade Union and Labour Movements to support the crusade from start to finish. We have asked Clause IV and Geoff Martin to co-ordinate the crusade.

The GMB, Unite and Community are making history in attempting such a gruelling schedule and never before have the trade unions taken on such a difficult commitment. To visit over 60 Remploy factory sites and to hold so many public meetings will be a real challenge.

The GMB is putting its money where it should be used in supporting our members both disabled and non disabled in the struggle to save Remploy factory sites under the joint leadership of the Remploy Consortium of Trade Unions and with the support of the GMB General Secretary we will meet this challenge.

We are asking all union members in GMB, Unite and Community to take part in this crusade and attach a copy of the route and dates for your information. When we are in your area we would ask Officers and Activists to make sure that we have maximum support. We intend to win the hearts and minds of the people in the UK.

We are also asking for any donations. Cheques should be made payable to the ‘Remploy Fighting Fund’ and sent to Phil Davies, GMB National Officer, 22/24 Worple Road, Wimbledon SW19 4DD.

We are not prepared to stand back and watch our Remploy factory network destroyed because of an incompetent management. Our unions and our communities must stand and fight under the slogan:

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