Higher Education National Industry Committee Women’s Seats

Dear ColleaguesHigher Education National Industry Committee Women’s Seats

The Union called for nominations from Higher Education Union Representatives for the HE National Industry Committee Women’s seats last month. The Committee consists of two union representatives from each Amicus region and four women’s representatives.

We have received 5 Women’s Nominations which we can only have 4 Women’s Representatives. In order to choose, an election is being called.

The nominees are:-

  • Robbie Fountain University of Cambridge
  • Marjory Parker University of St Andrews
  • Tamsin Piper University College London
  • Sandra Robinson University of Liverpool
  • Marion Simkins University of Sheffield

Click on the icon next to each candidate for a short biography.

You will find attached a ballot paper for you to vote for the representative(s) of your choice. As there are four vacancies you can vote for a maximum of four representatives.

You can choose whether to return a completed ballot paper by email ,fax or by post.

Email and fax returns require you to put your name and membership number with the ballot paper in order to prevent multiple balloting. Email your completed ballot paper together with your name and membership number to Vera Titmus or fax the ballot paper with your name and membership number to 02476 228 036.

If you wish to vote anonymously please return your ballot paper in a sealed unmarked envelope. Place the unmarked envelope together with a separate paper with your name and membership number inside another envelope addressed to Vera Titmus, Amicus, Unit 1 Kings Chambers, Hertford Place Coventry CV1 3JZ

Please note all ballot papers must be received by close of business no later than Monday 30th April 2007

Yours sincerely
Mike Robinson
National Officer
Education Sector

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