Letter to Staff from Martin McCrindle, Director of Human Resources

Staff may recall that we had hoped to be able to communicate the detail of, and implement, our new pay and grading structure in March. Having concluded local negotiations, our Stirling Amicus and Unison Union colleagues are following a process of consultation and clarification with their national offices prior to a local ballot being authorised. It will not, however, now be possible to ballot in time to meet a March implementation deadline.

If the national offices of the Unions support the implementation of the new pay and grading structure, the local unions will ballot their members as soon as possible, and at the same time a Joint Framework Newsletter will be issued to all staff.

If the ballot results are in favour of the new structure, it will be implemented at the earliest opportunity, backdated to August 2006, and individual letters will be sent to those staff covered by the Framework Agreement.

I regret to advise that we have been unable to reach agreement on the structure with Stirling UCU, and it is at present unclear how they will wish to proceed should Amicus and Unison move to ballot.

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