Scottish Equalities Bulletin Issue No. 23

Subject: Remploy – London

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For the past five years, Remploy has known that the factory in Queensland Road, Holloway, would be forced to close as part of the Arsenal Emirate Stadium development. However, Remploy has left it to the last minute to inform its workforce that the factory will be closing in early spring 2007 but is now unlikely to be relocated to the site in Ferry Lane Industrial Estate as has been promised to the disabled workers in Holloway for so long. Despite receiving a generous £1.4 m from Arsenal FC for the Holloway site, the Remploy Board seems to think they can get away with closing down the factory and not replacing it – but they did not take into account our determination to remain part of the Remploy family. Remploy Holloway workers will not be made homeless, will not be divided and sent to work in other factories and will not settle for the thirty pieces of silver of redundancy. We the undersigned demand that the £1.4 m be used for its intended purpose – to relocate the factory to ‘fit for purpose’ premises and to secure the future not just of existing disabled employees, but for all disabled workers in the local community who deserve the right to work in a supportive environment with dignity and respect, to have first class learning and skills training opportunities, to manufacture high quality goods and to earn trade union negotiated terms and conditions of employment

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