News from Mike Robinson on recent pay negotiations

At the JNCHES pay negotiations of 8th May both PTAAS (Professional, Technical, Administrative and Ancillary Staff) and ASSC (Academic Staff Sub-Committee), the groups negotiating on behalf of HE unions, were made a final offer by UCEA (Universities and Colleges Employers’ Association). The offer consisted of the following: The final offer was in UCEA own words:

  • Aug06 greater of 3% or £515
  • Feb 07 1%
  • Aug07 3%
  • Feb08 greater of 1% or £200
  • Aug08 3%
  • Feb09 1%

Compared with pay rates in 2005-06, this implies pay increases by the second half of each academic year totalling at least:

  • 06-07 4%
  • 07-08 8.2%
  • 08-09 12.6%

with increases of up to 15% by the end of the period for the very lowest paid staff. Because of the phasing, the overall cost of this offer to institutions would be a little lower, as follows:

  • 06-07 3.6%
  • 07-08 7.7%
  • 08-09 12%

As Mike says “My view is that in any other year such figures would be looked at with far more interest. However with the student fees top up and developments around St Andrews/Aberdeen and the piecemeal approach to negotiations by UCEA this offer appears less interesting in the light of all that.” Please read the full letter from Mike for more background information. Also see the PTAAS pay claim.

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