New Amicus committee to be formed

With the recent influx of new members to Amicus at the University of Stirling our numbers have risen from around 60 members to well over 90. With this in mind it has been proposed to for a new union committee for Amicus at Stirling. The first meeting of the new committee will be held at 10:30 on 2nd Feb 2005 in Pathfoot building Room L20. For the purposes of getting the committee off the ground the initial members proposed are Jim Fleming (Accomodation), Mike McCarroll (E&CS), Walter Menzies (E&CS), Derek Macaloney (E&CS), Joan Barnett (PSY), Bill Jamieson (SBES) and George MacLeod (SBES). At a suitable time in the near future we will have proper elections. At 11:00 following this initial meeting Gordon Casey (Regional Officer) will give a presentation to all Technical staff (others are of course welcome but space is limited) on the implementation of the Framework Agreement and it’s implications. Gordon has already made similar presentations on campus to other groups.

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