Equality Bulletin No.1 18 Feb 2008

  • International Women’s Day
  • Dignity at Work
  • Women’s Week
  • Black Workers’ Network Meeting
  • Diary Dates

International Women’s Day 2008

The SWC are currently organising International Women’s Day activities. This will be held on Saturday 8th March 2008 and is expected to be even bigger than last year! Join us in the Scottish Parliament to celebrate, with an evening reception in Edinburgh Castle.
The Minister for Europe, External Affairs and Culture and Louise Plaatjies, Vice-president UNI Women’s Africa Committee have confirmed as speakers. Further details will be posted on the SWC website when they are available.
If you wish to attend this event, then you must register with the SWC. At info@scottishwomensconvention.org or telephone: 0131 550 3754.

Dignity at Work Seminar 5/6 March 2008 – John Smith House – Glasgow

Dignity at Work Seminar for Scotland has been scheduled for the 5/6 March 2008. This two-day seminar will take place at John Smith House, Glasgow. We are also able to offer these seminar’s in the Workplace, or for organisations, representatives an HR managers. For further information on this and to book a place on the course, please contact Karen Cole at, Eden Office Park, 63 Macrae Road, Ham Green, Bristol, BS20 0DD, Tel: 01275 370 022.

At the end of the seminar you will:

  • Understand what dignity at work means
  • Explain the meaning of harassment and bullying
  • Recognise the impact harassment and bullying has on individuals; employers and the wider community
  • Identify their own role in supporting the overall objective
  • Identify and contribute towards best practice
  • Seek out further sources of information

Women’s Week 7 – 11 April – Esher
This course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of issues and information relating to women at work. The course will provide the delegates with the opportunity to share experiences and problems and to develop knowledge, skills and confidence, which will enable them to play a more active role in the union.

The course is specifically aimed at Unite Amicus Section representatives who have completed their Workplace Representatives Stage 1 and the Equality and Diversity at Work course, or women activists who are looking to become Unite Amicus Section workplace representatives.
Course Presentation
Delivered in a relaxed and informal manner, the course comprises of brief lectures using various teaching aids and methods, syndicate work, role-play, group activities, and discussions led by the tutor and group.
Course objectives
On completion of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Practise assertiveness skills
  • Acquire personal development skills
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Negotiate from a woman’s perspective
  • Understand current issues affecting women in the workplace.

Course duration
5 Days
Course venue
Esher Place (London)
Maximum number of delegates
16 delegates

Successful completion of the course leads to the award of a certificate of unit credit by the Open College Network (OCN).
If you are interested in attending this training course, please contact Gillian McKay or telephone 01382 226 268. For further information and an application form.

STUC Black Workers’ Network Meeting
The STUC Black Workers’ Network is holding a meeting on Saturday 1 March 2008. The meeting is open to all Black trade union members, and gives an opportunity for Black workers to come together, share experiences and provide mutual support. These meeting have a varied agenda, and Black workers are able to raise issues of importance to them at the meeting. Therefore, I do hope that you are able to come, and encourage any other Black colleagues to participate too. The meeting should last until around 1.00 pm, and light refreshments will be available.If you would like to attend this meeting, please contact Gillian McKay.

Diary Dates – February/March

  • 22 February – Work your proper hours day
  • 2 March – Mothers Day
  • 8 March – International Women’s Day
  • 12-14 March – TUC Women’s Conference, Eastbourne
  • 21 March – Feast of Naw-Ruzz – New Year – Baha’i
  • 21 March – Good Friday – Christian
  • 23 March – Easter – Christian
  • 28-30 March – TUC Young members’ Forum – Manchester

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